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Oct 28, 2020

Kyle Suzuki (Head of XM Events, Qualtrics) shares his journey from building passionate communities of gamers to building passionate communities of corporate professionals and what these audiences share in common. He also shares his thoughts on following your passion, building a 5-year plan, the value in turning virtual events into campaigns, and how he and his team have been adjusting to the new skills and circumstances of 2020. 

As the Head of XM Events at Qualtrics, Kyle oversees the event team creating the flagship XM category building brand moments for Qualtrics. This includes the annual X4: Experience Management Summit and most recently a virtual event, WorkDifferent, showcasing how iconic brands are taking action to move forward. Before joining Qualtrics, Kyle spent over 8 years in consumer entertainment product marketing for Xbox. Kyle brought his passion for creative, experiential activation and entertainment marketing, honed from years working in gaming, to the B2B space.